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History and Planning

Knowing our past, understanding how and why our social makeup, economic condition and the physical layout of our manmade environment evolved into what it is today is very important. We can only plan our future by knowing and understanding our past. We are doomed to repeat the mistakes of our past if we are not a student of history. It’s true that we learn more by our mistakes. However it is usually at a great expense. It is much less expensive to learn from other people’s mistakes from the past. History can teach us this.

Planning Absecon’s Future

Absecon’s Master Plan

The New Jersey Municipal Land Use Law (NJSA 40:55D-1 et seq) requires that every municipality in New Jersey which adopted a master plan and land development regulations periodically review and revise, if necessary, those documents every ten years. This Reexamination report is essentially the Absecon City Planning Board’s checklist of things that should be addressed. It lists portions of the Master Plan and development regulations that should be amended or at least studied.

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