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Welcome to AbseconPlanner.Com.
The purpose of this website is to provide useful public information and interesting historical facts about Absecon, foster a better understanding of planning, provide brief summary descriptions of approved Planning Board applications and provide information on Planning Board submission procedures. This site is offered as free community service.
- Robert L. Reid, AICP, PP


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CITY COUNCIL Meeting 4/18/13

On April 18, 2013, City Council voted to table the Proposed revisions to the Redevelopment Plan (Ord. 3 of 2013). City Council would like to reflect on the comments made during the public hearing and work with on the Redeveloper's Agreement which will include a limitation on the density.



For a better understanding why the conversion was approved in 2011 and why the court upheld the conversion approval in 2012 it is recommended that you read the public documents below:


 Absecon Gardens Information

from the public record documents:

 Planning Board Approval

For Planning Board Decsion and Resolution dated June 19, 2011 Approval of Conversion of Absecon Gardens CLICK HERE.


Planner's Review Memos

 To read Review Memo click date below.


 2011 03 21 Review

 2011 04 04 Review

 2011 04 25 Review

 2011 04 27 Review

 2011 05 16 Review


For Court Decsion dated March 19, 2012 that upheld the Planning Board's Approval of Absecon Gardens CLICK HERE.




 On April 23, 2013, 7PM, the Board will hear:


Applic #1-2013 for Danielle Collette -24 NJ Avenue for Minor Site Plan and parking variance for offices and fitness center. CLICK HERE for Review Memo.


Applic #2-2013 Carol Fambro - 175 White Horse Pike, Sandpiper Square, unit # 12 for Site Plan Waiver for the relocation of a community outreach center. CLICK HERE for Review Memo dated 4/6/2013.


Applic #3-2013 for United Methodist Church - 100 Pitney Road for Site Plan Waiver to install fence. CLICK HERE for Review Memo.


On Feb. 26, 2013 the Board determined that City Council's proposed revisions to the Redevelopment Plan Ord. was consistent with Absecon's Master Plan. CLICK HERE for Review Memo.


On June 12, 2012 the Board aproved the request of the Black Cat to enclose the existing covered porch to provide additional internal window seating for dining.


On May 22, 2012 the Planning Board reported on the status of the Housing Element and Fair Share Plan. Currently an inventory of eligible existing affordable units is being performed. This is necessary to determine the actual number of affordable units required to be included in the fair share plan.


On April 24, 2012 a Resolution supporting the City's Commitment to Fully Comply with its affordable housing obligations was adopted.

The Planning Board on April 10, 2012, decided to table any action on the 2011 Reexamination of the Master Plan. City Council review of the Reexamination is ongoing.


The draft Nov. 25, 2011 Reexamination of the Master Plan is available for review CLICK HERE